Videos to show with your lessons

The use of multimedia is one of the easiest ways to engage students.  Here is a bit of a library of videos which you can show students.  Some can only be streamed from the site, others I am embedding as youtube videos.  Enjoy!

The Invisible Nation By Richard Desjardins & Robery Monderie 

The Algonquin once lived in harmony with the vast territory they occupied. This balance was upset when the Europeans arrived in the 16th century. Gradually, their Aboriginal traditions were undermined and their natural resources plundered. Today, barely 9,000 Algonquin are left. They live in about 10 communities, often enduring abject poverty and human rights abuses. These Aboriginal people are suffering the threat to their very existence in silence.

For Angela by Nancy Trites Botkin & Daniel Prouty

This short film portrays the experiences of Rhonda Gordon and her daughter, Angela, when a simple bus ride changes their lives in an unforeseeable way. When they are harassed by three boys, Rhonda finds the courage to take a unique and powerful stance against ignorance and prejudice. What ensues is a dramatic story of racism and empowerment.

The CBC 8th Fire series is fantastic for so many reasons.  There are 4 episodes in the series, but the site has many short interviews and clips to do with FNMI issues.

I’m not the Indian you had in mind takes Thomas King’s poem puts it to images.  It is narrated by King himself and two very special friends.  It can be streamed here

Reel Injun is a documentary about how FNMI people are shown in film.  It is a great source to not only illustrate the stereotypes but to analyse why they exhist.  You can stream the film on the CBC Passionate Eye site found here.

A short video that deals with the treaties and responds to the questions why don’t Natives just get over it?

A classic form of propaganda can be viewed with this Residential School video.  It’s not the best quality but it was filmed in 1955 after all.

The Doctrine of Discovery: A short History of colonization

Have a Need to answer questions about Indian Status?  This is a great short video.

NFB documentary on Kanehsatake (OKA) 270 Years of Resistance

Part 1-3 of the CBC news coverage from 1990 when Kanehsatake took place

An in depth documentary on Residential schools, it might be a little long to show the whole thing, but there are definitely segments worth showing in class.  The director is a former minister, who is seen by some as a whistle blower.

Stephen Harper’s Apology for Residential Schools

A beautiful poem in recognition of Helen Betty Osborne and all Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

CBC the National clip on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women


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I am a high school teacher for the Toronto District School Board, this site is meant for my students to have greater access to what is going on in class and to raise some topics of interest.
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