Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls

This is a topic near and dear to my heart.  It has taken me awhile to dive into the collection of resources as it can be triggering for me.  When I was in high school I had a good friend who went missing, the police say that she ran away but I always thought there was something suspicious about it.  Of course at the time I didn’t know about the sheer number of FNMI women that had gone missing or were found murdered.  Time passed and the memory of Holly started to fade in my mind, and it wasn’t until I was going through a list of names of those women that are known to have gone missing or had been found murdered and I saw Holly’s name that it all came flooding back, bringing with it a huge amount of shame that I had allowed myself to forget. I have since made a promise to myself in honour of Holly’s memory to never forget again.  As usual for these posts, I am providing some resources that may be useful in your classes.

courtesy of Vice here is a short 16 minute piece on the now infamous Highway of Tears

“You can’t help but shudder at the sinister nickname for British Columbia’s Provincial AutoRoute 16, known as “The Highway of Tears,” which is both a trucking passage and the winding graveyard of up to 42 aboriginal women—most of which assumed murdered by a series of active serial killers. In fact, the RCMP, Canada’s famous Mounties and the chief police force investigating the murders—believes there are active serial killers currently operating along the highway. The RCMP puts the official number of women who have been murdered along the highway at 18.”

Searchers: Highway of Tears

This TedTalk by Beverly Jacobs Calls upon us to recognize the epidemic of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. She reminds us of our collective responsibility to end this violence by acknowledging the tough truths about colonization, racism and sexism in our communities.

How do we stop aboriginal women from disappearing?

The CBC has put an entire page together that addresses the topic and takes a look at some of the investigations.

The unsolved cases

Here is a link to the Native Women’s Association page that is dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women and Girls.  It has some great links and includes some digital stories of real people. MMIWG

A Globe and Mail article that outlines the Nine things you need to know about the Inquiry, is a good place to start learning about what the government is attempting to do to remedy the situation (I will leave out any debate regarding effectiveness or timelines) Nine things to know

Here is a link to the Red Dress Project, if you have not heard of it…be sure to click here, there are many ways to adapt this concept for use in your school. Red Dress

the Kairos website has some great links to films on the topic that really help provide more context to this issue Karios MMWG


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I am a high school teacher for the Toronto District School Board, this site is meant for my students to have greater access to what is going on in class and to raise some topics of interest.
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